What is "Windows Store" that enables application distribution & billing in "Windows 8"?

'Windows 8' internal confidential documentVarious interesting things are written, and among them the "Windows 8 to be released this 2012 release"Windows StoreAlthough it is packed with a feeling of being overwhelmed already, it certainly seems that this kind of mechanism may be compatible with Windows .... It is becoming contents that can not help thinking.

so,"Windows Marketplace for MobileEven if you are on track or not, are you going to do this seriously? Is there a reason to think before that? "The details of" Windows Store "to be shivering as much as you want to ask is from the following.
What is "Windows Store" is something like Apple's App Store and Google's Android Market in a nutshell.

As for the method of finding the application in the Windows Store, "search" is the basis, it is accessible also from the search result of the search site "Microsoft Bing" operated by Microsoft, the search result of various sites, the search function of Windows 8 itself It is getting.

Windows Store screen sample. It is also possible to direct a partner to Microsoft, and in addition, in collaboration with social network, "Your friends seem to like these apps" feature.

Of course evaluation by rating and user review is also possible.

It is possible to install from the Windows Store in this way with just one click.

As far as the explanation is read, not only the history of the purchased application but also the setting of the application is saved, and even when restoring from the reset, the setting of each application returns to the original. That is, in Windows 8, it is linked to each user, not to each machine.

This is the page of my account. You can see the amount that can be purchased (charge beforehand?), The list of your own PC, etc.

It seems that support by properly manned is also provided properly.

Sign up screen for publishing software on this Windows Store, in short, developer registration.

To register software, first decide the logo and register for open areas and devices. Then you know where you are currently in all stages. Apparently there seems to be a review by Microsoft.

This is a dashboard for developers. You can see the date when the application was launched, the number of downloads, user's distribution by country, graph of revenue, software quality report and so on.

When the application is updated it will be notified like this.

If you fail to review the application, contact support and seem to get the reasons why it fell and advise to go through the review.

This is a page for Microsoft partners. It seems that Microsoft partners are getting preferential treatment like this.

As for the partners, as a privilege, depending on the attributes of each user, the developer side can also make various kinds of individually with the feeling like "special offer".

This is the partner 's portal site.

So, apparently it seems that we intend to analyze and capture the mechanisms of all the competitors that have appeared so far and incorporate "Windows 8", but indeed it has reached the quality that exceeds each headquarters, Overtaking, will it work?

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