Finally the old Twitter iOS application is completely renamed to 'X'

The display name of X (formerly Twitter) iOS version app on the App Store has been changed from 'Twitter' to 'X'. It was reported

that the iOS version of the application has a rule that ``the application name must be at least 2 characters'' , but it seems that X is no longer applicable to the App Store rules.

'X' on the App Store

Although the icon for the iOS version of X was changed to 'X' around the end of July 2023, the notation 'Twitter' continued on the App Store. X has not announced the reason why the display name on the App Store has not changed, but the developer of the iOS app said, ``Apple stipulates that the app name on the App Store must be at least two characters. There is information that it may not be possible to change the name to X because there is.

Why is Twitter still displayed as 'Twitter' in the App Store even if Twitter is renamed to 'X'? -GIGAZINE

However, when searching for the old Twitter app on the App Store at the time of article creation, 'X' is displayed in the app name column.

Although the icon for X's Android version application has been changed to 'X' at the time of article creation, the application name remains 'Twitter'.

Also, in addition to the name 'Twitter' remaining on Google Play, the old icon is also displayed.

However, in the English version of Google Play, both the application name and icon have been changed to 'X', so it seems likely that the change will be applied to Japan in the near future.

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