Reinstall Windows only without erasing all files · settings · applications etc Windows 8 new function "reset"

Until now, when Windows malfunctions, you can back up any kind of files, reinstall Windows, customize the settings again to make it easier for you to use and install the application again, or overwrite the previously backed up state Or you had to return to factory shipment status otherwise.

However, it leaked out on the net'Windows 8' internal confidential documentAccording to Windows 8 scheduled to be released in 2012, Windows only reinstalls Windows and restores the initial state while maintaining all files, settings, applications, etc.resetIt is said that it will be equipped with a new feature called.

Details of what kind of mechanism is possible to do this are as follows.
On Windows 8, help and support are also planned to be improved, even if it does not call support, it will make it possible to restore the PC where the problem occurred, the PC which slowed down, PC which worsened performance. In case you need help, Windows 8 will connect to the latest information · Microsoft support · PC maker · expert and PC mania community etc. Furthermore, "Reset" to the factory shipment state is made easy, and even if you reset the PC with Windows 8, all the files · settings · applications etc are restored properly.

This is a screen sample of a new "reset".

Resetting. Restoring Windows will be done after personal file / user account settings etc. are properly saved.

Reset succeeded. After resetting successfully, "App Store", in short, "Windows Store" starts up, and each application installed before resetting is reinstalled.

So, what is the "Windows Store" that appeared abruptly in this? That's why I feel somewhat disgusting.

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What is "Windows Store" that enables application distribution & billing in "Windows 8"?

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