Life-Sized Makai Knights from upcoming Tokusatsu Movie "GARO: Red Requiem" at TAF2010

Popular tokusatsu TV series GARO(2005-2006) is adapted a 3D movie as GARO: Red Requiem, to come out by the end of this year.

A trailer is shown in a special 3D theatre at Tohokushinsha's booth in TAF2010. Life-sized models of Makai Knights and props like their magical sword and mirror were on display as well.

Pics after the cut!
(Japanese)GARO: RED REQUIEM Official Website

GARO was the main feature at Tohokushinsha's booth.

Life-sized Makai Knights on display.

Garo the Golden Knight.

ZERO the Silver Fanged Knight.

DAN the Knight of the Midnight Sun.

Monsters are called Horrors in GARO universe.

Entrance of the 3D theatre.

Paper 3D glasses are handed out. We were not allowed to take pictures inside the theatre, but the 5-minutes trailer full of awesome action was immensely enjoyable.

Props were exhibited by the exit of the theatre.

A trunk that contains Makaiju(Makai beast) Goryu.

Protagonist Kouga Saejima's sword Makai Ken.

Makai Ken transforms into Garo Ken(The Sword of Garo).

Makyo(Magical Mirror).

An item called "Narufuda" used by Makai Priests in rituals.

Madouka lights magical fire to detect people possessed by Horrors.

Makai Priest Rekka's Madoufude(Sorcery brush).

Makai Priest Akaza's Madoufude.

"Rubisu no Maken" is a weapon made of Horror's fang.

Flyer of the movie.

Flip side.

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