Height 3 m · The golden knight Gallo came over to the venue of AnimeJapan to the magical horse "Gokuten" that shines with full scale size

Special effects drama "Fragrance "Summoned by the golden knight Garo who is the leading character in the seriesMagic horse "Gokuten"It appeared in AnimeJapan 2017 with an actual size of 3 m in height.

"AnimeJapan 2017" False Booth details · Goods information announced! | GARO PROJECT Fragrance Latest information

The golden knight Gallo and the god of weather, set firmly at the booth of "False War ".

I feel divinity by virtue of lighting and shimmering of armor.

Try looking around the back side

Beautiful mane like fire

Gallo is equipped with a sharpener. This is also the actual size.

On Twitter@ GARO_PROJECTFollowing this, photographing this real size "Gokuten" and tweeting with the hashtag "# Gokuten" "# Fang Ru" will result in the original goods being presented as a gift by "lotus" Photo Contest in AnimeJapan 2017 "is also held.

In addition, at the booth selling goods including venue limited items.

What was conspicuous was AnimeJapan 2017 Wall figure called the first venue at the venue (80,600 yen including tax).

It is a huge figure that the golden knight Garro watches from the wall.

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