Completing fresh tofu by 30 seconds in the microwave oven "HO Tofu"

Add to the soybean milk, stir it and chin in the microwave oven to complete the tofu, but considering that you can make as much as you can eat on the spot, it is quite troublesome. It was like being developed with consciousness of such a table of dinner this "HO Tofu". Anyway quickly, tofu with authentic flavor with a good feeling will be completed easily.

I actually made it in front of me and tried it. Details are as below.
Tofu shop sticking to domestic soybean 100% and natural stone 100%

This is "HO Tofu" (Hottoka).

Quantitatively small pudding or yogurt. 100% Maru Oo of Oita Prefecture, magnesium chloride (bittern) 100% used. It is said that the flavor of tofu is being utilized because there is no defoaming agent to prevent foam that is generated during manufacturing.

It is totally liquid at this stage or soy milk itself. The amount is 90 cc.

Sports are sticking like this. This is the point. There is no need to weigh yourself. Just put it as it is mixed.

How to make this is like this. Unexpected, authentic. It is fascinating that the steaming process is properly entered.

Melt me ​​and mix it ... Somehow,I'm sleepy.Handmade feeling reminiscent of.

I finished it by choking in the range. It is far more sweet than silk tofu which is on the market, and it is not crumpled by itself, it has a firm taste. It may be close to tofu that makes richness ugly. It is just right for me as a single serving, and it will make you feel more satisfied as to what you can do better than anything else.

By the way, this tofu is high degree of perfection, but it should be that, already sold this "Second generation Eastern Creek storeWhen I try to eat, it is about tofu which is a creamy and fresh Nanpuya melting in recent years "indeed it is only what is soybean" in the opposite direction. Indeed, because we are making such tofu from usual, it is a feeling that you can understand that the simplified version of tofu that you chin in a microwave oven reaches this level only.

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