Laser Etching Technology to Print Illustrations and Photos on Chocolate

Edible inks and frosting sheets can do wonders with a bit of creativity, but here's another way to make beautiful treats, without the additional ingredients or food colouring.

Wakayama-based company Chocolart prints illustration and photographs on gourmet chocolate using their patented Chocolate Drawing Method. The gorgeous chocolates were exhibited at FOODEX JAPAN 2010.

Read on for details and pics.
(Japanese)Chocolart Official Website

Chocolart's booth at FOODEX JAPAN 2010.

First-in-the-world method to draw on chocolate using pulsed laser.

Large panels of chocolate were framed and displayed at the booth.

Kind of like a Japanese fusuma sliding door.

"WAGARA" (lit. Japanese pattern) bite-size chocolate.

Chocolart uses Callebaut chocolate imported from Belgium.

Samples on display. You can order your original by sending illustration or picture online. Around 500 to 750 yen ($5.60 to $8.40) a piece.

Most customers order in large batches for parties and weddings. We spotted one with Fiat and Alfa Romeo's logo.

Dogs and cats are popular subjects, along with baby pictures.

This one was made with a picture of an actor.

This is the laser machine.

The chocolate will be visible from this window during the laser-drawing process.

A video was shown at the booth. With no additional ingredients, the flavour and scent of chocolate will not be affected by the drawing.

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