Just mix and cool just 50 yen per piece to make Uji mathice ice cream or mellow green tea pudding "I used the tea room ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 0

Hold a tea house in Kyoto · UjiMori halfIt will be sold by milk and hot water just to mix it and to complete full sweet Japanese sweets "Uji's tea house wanted to make it"series. Because the source of green tea ice · green tea pudding · source of Hoju tea pudding had been sold, I actually purchased it and made it with crispy.

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This is the series that "Uji no Ochiya san wanted to make". From the left under Matcha ice cream, under Hojichi Pudding, it is the source of Matcha Pudding.

As the temperature has steadily got higher, I am happy if there is cool ice cream in the refrigerator .... First of all I try to use it from green tea ice.

How to make on the side of the box. It seems that it can be made just by mixing green tea ice cream and milk and chilling.

Raw material names include creaming powder, processed milk products, and powdered green tea. OriginalKyoei Tea Co., Ltd.Since establishing the Mori Semi tea factory in Kyoto · Uji in 1836, it introduced a new technology while preserving tradition, and made a high-quality Japanese tea, and a pretty authentic smell I am dubious.

I tried opening the box, it contained four stick type green tea ice creams.

Put green tea ice cream in a container such as cup ... ...

Pour 50 ml of milk.

It was said to be "to whisk until whiskey comes out with a whisk," but it seemed difficult for size ......

Shakashaka with chopsticks. There are many cases where it is necessary to mass produce by buying all the ingredients when making ice, but it is also convenient to be able to make from 1 cup if it is under Matcha ice.

Of course it is also possible to make it together.

Pour the powdered green tea ice cream and milk into the bowl ... ...

Shakashaka until this time it will thicken with a whisk.

Pour it into a container ......

Just cool in freezer for about 3 hours. When making ice cream, it is usually necessary to mix it while it is being cooled, but in the case of green tea ice cream, mixing work is not necessary.

Three hours later, the ice is completed with no trouble.

It was a little solid, so wait a bit until it gets soft. Bubbles floated on the surface of the ice cream.

When I tried eating something that became slightly soft, I feel the taste of rich green tea more than I imagined. It is not a feeling that it melts smoothly on the bottom at the moment of putting in the mouth like a high-class ice cream, but rather I feel a grain of ice that was made as a sharp shirt like gelato, but at the moment of melting The mouth feel is pretty trolley and it is creamy. The astringency and bittersweet of Matcha are solid, but it was moderately mild and it was an authentic ice for children to eat.

Are those who mixed with chopsticks well done as well? And confirm.

The taste and taste are exactly the same as those mixed with a whisk, so if you mix people who do not have whiskers firmly with chopsticks it seems to be okay.

Matcha Pudding and Hojicha Pudding are basically just mixed and chilled and easy.

Transfer powder from stick to container ... ...

Next time I will pour hot water instead of milk.


Just cool in the refrigerator.

It was completed after 3 hours from the refrigerator.

Shakashaka Because it whisked, it is solidified in the form of a foam.

It seems to be quite soft, so I was worried that "Is this done?" Even if you tilted the glass, the pudding never collapsed.

The moment you put the spoon, its softness is transmitted from your finger.

From the moment of scooping with a spoon, the pudding dropped like gravity. As I ate it, if the finished product is sold, it is said to be labeled "Melting Pudding", so it seems that it will melt easily without moving the mouth. Again, the flavor of Matcha is not "Matcha Milk style" etc. used in seasoning such as sweets, etc. I feel a firm bitter taste.

Milk is mellow in what you do not use, its aftertaste is refreshing, so it is perfect for a summer snack.

Hojiji Pudding is also exquisite hardness that it seems to collapse and does not collapse.

When I tried it, this is also a softness of everything. The bitterness is less than Matcha Pudding, and the fragrance spreads in your mouth. Hojiju did not get too cheap, I felt the flavor of milk, it was a rich and creamy finish.

In addition, under Matcha ice cream, Matcha purine, Hojo tea pudding are both Rakuten and can be purchased at 213 yen excluding tax. Since it is 4 pieces, the price per one is about 50 yen, but it has become possible to enjoy authentic sweets more than price.

【Rakuten Market】 Matcha ice cream (mix powder) 4 (68 g) [Matchable easily with milk, gelato sense of matcha ice cream] 10P 04 Jul 15: Green tea sweet tea Kyoto Uji · Mori Han

【Rakuten Market】 Matcha Pudding (Purple Mix Powder) 4 (80 g) [Mitsuko, Tonfuwa's Green Tea Pudding can be easily made with pot hot water] (Purine that you are also using for business use It is raw) Matcha Purin noodles 10P04Jul15: Green tea sweet tea Kyoto Uji · Mori Han

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500 g of entering from the forest halfMatcha for business use PrincessYaHojimachi Princess' s element·Green tea ice noodlesAnd others are also on sale and it is popular enough to have become the best seller of the matcha category, leading to Matcha Pudding's element, so people who want to make a lot are recommended for business use.

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