6 ways to work crisply even on tired days

There is nothing to say if you work hard every day, but there are days when no one is motivated or when you can't get tired. In such a case, it is a way to get the job done somehow.

No medicine or exaggerated improvement of constitution is mentioned, and the items are composed by a little ingenuity in daily life. A huge amount of information can be obtained just by searching for a way to get rid of fatigue, but it may be unexpectedly trivial to be a breakthrough in relieving fatigue.

How to Work When You're Tired


1: Clarify goals for what to do
Having clear goals is always important, but when you're tired, you have to be even more careful. If you don't set a clear goal, you'll end up doing things that aren't relevant and you'll end up with a job. Take your seat first and think about what you need to do today.

2: Stop escapism
When I can't concentrate on my work, I tend to distract myself by checking my email or logging in to SNS. However, while doing so, I can no longer concentrate on the essential work. Try to keep an eye on what you have to do.

3: Drink plenty of water
You will not be able to concentrate unless you have enough water. It seems that you should drink water regularly when you are tired. In addition, caffeine can temporarily rejuvenate you by ingesting it, so to speak, it acts as a booster, so it is recommended to drink coffee. However, be aware that carbonated drinks with plenty of sugar have the opposite effect.

4: Move around
If you sit in a warm and comfortable place when you feel sleepy, you will definitely get drowsy. If you feel sleepy in the afternoon, don't stay still, take a walk if possible, and if that's not possible, try stretching to move your body and raise your body temperature a little.

5: Take a shower
If you're feeling down, take a shower. If you manage to get out of bed but you can't get sick, you can take a shower. Taking a shower in the afternoon is also effective in relieving fatigue. People who say 'I can't take a shower because I'm in the office during the day' can be refreshed by washing their face with cold water instead.

6: Work on simpler tasks
If you're tired but have to work anyway, start with routine work. You will naturally get motivated while doing simple tasks such as replying to emails and organizing documents.

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