Six ways to work shaki at working day

There is nothing to say if you work vigorously every day, but there are days when everyone does not feel motivated and days when you can not get tired at all. In such a case, it is a way to do somehow work.

There is no mention of any medicine or exaggerated constitution improvement, and items are composed by a little ingenuity of everyday life. A huge amount of information comes out just by searching for a way to get tired, but it may be unexpected that it will be a breakthrough for relieving fatigue.

Details are as below.
How to Work When You Tired - by Dumb Little Man

1: What to do, clarify the target
Having a clear goal is always important at any moment, but when you are tired you have to be more careful. If you leave clearly without setting your goals, you will put on various things to do something unrelated, eventually getting rid of work. Let's first take a seat and think about what we should do today.

2: Stop Escaping Reality
When you can not concentrate on your job at all, you often tend to distract yourself by checking out someone's mail or logging in to SNS. However, I can not concentrate on my core work at all while I am doing it. Let's try not to turn your eyes off from what you have to do.

3: Drink plenty of water
You can not concentrate without having enough moisture. When I am tired, it seems better to drink water regularly. Also, it is recommended that you drink coffee because caffeine can play a part of booster, which can temporarily rejuvenate by ingesting. However, it is important to note that carbonated beverages with plenty of sugar are adversely affected.

4: Move around here and there
If you are sitting in a warm and comfortable place when sleeping, you will definitely mute. If you become sleepy in the afternoon, do not sit still, walk for a walk if possible, if it is impossible to do stretching etc, move your body and let's raise your body temperature slightly.

5: Taking a shower
Let's take a shower when feeling depressed. Although I managed to get out of bed, but I can not take it out of sleep, I can clean it by taking a shower. It is effective to take a shower in the afternoon to get tired. People who say "It is impossible for the shower to be in the office during the day" also seems to be able to refresh by washing the face with cold water instead.

6: Tackle simpler tasks
When you say "I am tired, but I have to work anyway", let's try to clean up from the routine work first. While doing simple tasks such as replying to e-mails and organizing documents, motivation comes naturally from nature.

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