Nine ways to make your body and mind burn out


A phenomenon in which a person who has been immersed in work etc. as a kind of psychogenic depression loses willingness "BurnoutAndrew Dumont who actually suffered from burnout syndrome about "burnout syndrome" is summarizing how to deal with his own blog. There are lots of life hacks etc. for people with burnout syndrome in the world, but as one who actually suffered from burnout syndrome,Andrew DumontThinksblogThe way to cope with it is here.

Avoiding Burnout | Always On by Andrew Dumont

◆ 1: Morning exercise

The exercise can be of any kind, the time to exercise is not important. By exercising every morning my heart clears up, and in my brainEndorphinIt goes out and keeps the normal physical state.


◆ 2: Walk in the evening

Those who are immersed in work may not often know when to work up when working in the workplace or at home. Such people should take a walk as they come home in the evening. By rounding up work at the timing of this walk, looking back on the events of the day, it is possible to relax and organize the inside of the head.

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◆ 3: Read the novel

Reading a novel helps to create a creative way of thinking that you do not have before and to get rid of the fixed concept.


◆ 4: I leave work one day a week

Let's get away from work completely by putting in schedule other than work such as private business on the day leaving work.


◆ 5: To acquire an intellectual hobby

An intellectual hobby can be anything with a camera, mastering a golf swing, or anything. These intellectual hobbies are necessary to relax yourself.

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◆ 6: Small Success

Many of the burnouts are spiritual. In order to avoid mental exhaustion, we also need to show ourself the results of our efforts. All you need to do is set a small target that you can achieve each day. By breaking up the big goal into smaller goals and dividing tasks into those that have already achieved and those that do not, you can prevent mental exhaustion while managing tasks.

◆ 7: Healthy eating

Everyone knows that you should take a healthy diet, but when you are eagerly working, you should eat more firmly. Supply nutritional energy that is necessary to eat the correct food, and will give you vitality.


◆ 8: Avoid unnecessary decisions

By choosing which clothes to wear, fruits you eat in the morning, etc., you can turn that energy back to other places by avoiding a meaningless decision in life. this isVANITY FAIRBarack Obama of 44th President of the United States published in "You will know that I am wearing only a gray suit or a blue suit. I have made too many other decisions I do not want to decide on what to eat, what to wear, etc. "It seems like an idea that came up from the word.


◆ 9: Unplug once a year

The 9th way is to unplug once a year. It seems to be a way to push the reset button on your body to take a coherent time once a year so that you can cut off the mobile phone and leave it completely from work. Even if the total time can only be taken for 4 days, you should feel refreshed when you return to work. It is a very important method especially for people working in fields such as engineering engineering.


There are also ways to feel as if it is obvious, but as busy people they may be neglected and may eventually get burned out.

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