Motivation is not important to keep the vow to go to the gym this year



Even if you set goals such as 'absolutely lose weight' and 'build muscle' and join the gym enthusiastically, there are many people who forget their initial passion over time and unknowingly move away from the gym. So why is the determination to 'go to the gym' shattered? From that analysis, William Clark, a health researcher at the State University of New York, explains what to do to stay in the gym.

Why your New Year's resolution to go to the gym will fail

◆ Motivation is meaningless



Clark describes his experience as 'when the tournament is approaching, it's hard to get up early in the dark and cold morning, but it's difficult to get up early in the morning when there are no imminent events.' increase. Emotional motivation has a positive impact on people, but it is basically only effective for 'short-term goals.' Some psychologists say that motivation is deceptive, and as long as motivation is based on emotions, it won't last long. For the same reason that there are no 'people who keep crying forever' or 'people who keep laughing forever'.

Emotions are the release of chemicals that cause a physiological response, and Clark explained that people trying to get fit shouldn't rely on this chemical to exercise. Emotionally becoming a member of the gym doesn't help motivation if you don't have short-term goals or need a long time to achieve them.

◆ What is really useful is 'discipline and self-control'

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'Discipline and self-control' is the most important factor when trying to achieve difficult goals. Discipline and self-control are necessary for difficult success and mean the ability to do what you need to do, not what you want to do, even when you don't want to.

Not being able to wake up when the alarm goes off in the morning or eating donuts at midnight is not a matter of motivation but a matter of discipline and self-control.

In order to develop discipline and self-control, it is necessary to repeat behaviors that sometimes seem boring. Motivation does not itself develop the qualities needed to move forward, but discipline and self-control develop self-confidence and patience. This can also be said to be the difference between motivation and discipline / self-control.

Discipline and self-control build coherence, and coherence creates habits. Motivation helps for the first three weeks of going to the gym, but after that, the 'habits' created by discipline create success, Clark said.

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