A cat who survived for 26 days under a fire crack gareki

It seems that cats surviving for 26 days under the garlic in the condominium collapsed by the fire were rescued. Owner seems to have given up that he got caught in a fire and died, but I can let you realize the greatness of life's power.

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Smoka the cat survives 26 days in fire debris - TODAY Pets & Animals

'Miracle cat' survives 26 days stuck in fire debris

According to these articles, the apartment where Sandy LaPierre in Franklin, Ohio, USA was living on August 10, became a fire and the cat "Smoka" which Sandy had after this fire (1 year old) was missing, he seemed to have thought that he was dead after being run away.

However, on 4th September, Stark and Wrecking company of the dismantling company visited the fire site to dispose of the remaining garlic and others and found a cat's head from under the garechi. When I removed the garret and confirmed it, it was Smoka that was missing.

This is Smoka

A woman holding Smoka is Sandy

It looks like the mansion was in a fire.

Site where Smoka was discovered.

Smoka seems to be in a state of difficulty walking, but his eyes seem to be visible.

You can see the movie that was broadcasted in the news below.


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