The car dropped from the height of 27 meters, on the scene a terrible sight?

As the press contacted the newspaper company saying "the car fell from a height of 90 feet (about 27 meters)", when the reporter rushed to the scene, he saw the sight that the car was piercing the road It seems to have become. It is a place to wonder if the person whose legs are visible from the car is safe.

Details are from the following.English Russia Car Under the Bridge

Actually, this is a display that the local government is exhibiting in an effort to keep traffic rules. There is no accident, so there are no injured people, and no cars are piercing the road.

It looks as if it is piercing hard on the ground.

Looking from another angle, there is a little discomfort in the lower direction.

Lifting work in progress.

It has been removed. From the place cut cleanly, you can see that it is an artificially made display.

When falling from 90 feet, there is no evidence that the explosion burned up, it must be thought doubtful.

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