A movie that suffers from unusual water splashing caused by a diesel train running at the time of flooding

A movie photographing how ridiculous water splashing is occurring due to a running diesel train when a flood where the railroad is almost submerged is occurring. The water splash created by a large car body has become a level that makes me think that it will drain all the surrounding things like a tsunami.

Details are as below.
A movie in Argentina during the flood.
YouTube - INUNDACION EN PALERMO - TSUNAMI EN PALERMO - 19 febrero 2010 - 6:30 pm

The splash of water comes close from the back.

Water splashes hit the elevated road car directly. Pedestrians at the side of the railway line are preparing guards with umbrellas and so on.

Water at a level that feels dangerous will come in.

While the surroundings are whitening with water, the car body reveals its appearance while lighting the light.

I passed by as if nothing was done as it was.

2010/02/26 10:15 Correction
We fixed it because there was a message from the reader that it was a diesel train instead of a train.

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