A Russian parking lot that has become submerged because the temperature has risen and the snow has melted rapidly

It is a picture of the Russian parking lot where the temperature has suddenly risen and the snow has melted with a great momentum and it has become submerged by the melting water.

As expected it seems that there is only a heavy snowy area and the amount of snow melting water seems to be a ridiculous amount, and if the temperature suddenly rises, the parking lot in a low place seems to suffer direct damage.

Image is from below.
A parking lot where it got submerged here.

Rescuing is difficult when you come here.

Is it that he is happy that he is not riding?

It has become amazing to flow into the garbage.

This car may not be better yet.

Has this old car parked his car in a submerged parking lot?

You can see other images from below.

Чистопрудов Дмитрий - Гаражный потоп.

When borrowing a parking lot in Russia it seems better to choose the location properly.

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