Microsoft, Google, NOKIA, etc. are preparing to launch devices against iPad

Apple's tablet terminal "iPad" released in the United States on April 3,Represent that ASUS famous for "EeePC" is working on the development of two types of counter devices adopting Microsoft platform and Google platformThe tablet market is showing signs of crisis in the future.

Meanwhile, it became clear that major companies such as Microsoft, Google and NOKIA could inject their own competing devices themselves.

※ By the way, the picture above is a tablet PC that HP plans to introduce as iPad's competing device.

Details are as below.
After iPad, Rivals Offer Hybrid Variations -

According to the Newyork Times news report, Apple 's iPhone is shaking mobile phone makers, but this time it seems that the iPad' s appearance began to shake other manufacturers as well as personal computer makers.

First of all, Google is anticipated to launch sales of tablet-type personal computers in response to the arrival of the iPad, and NOKIA, the world's largest mobile phone maker, also entered a tablet-type e-book reader terminal in cooperation with publishing companies By doing so, I am planning to enter the e-book market.

AndMicrosoft Windows XP Tablet PC EditionMicrosoft was working on putting in tablet PCs from around the time that Microsoft is considering considering whether to introduce its own tablet or not.

It is an iPad that provides users with new usability by offering software that is optimal for the platform with the goal of making it thinner, lighter, and lower priced by installing a software keyboard using the touch interface Is not compatible with Flash which is widely used on the web, and it does not correspond to multitask at the present time (Scheduled for fall), The weakness is that the CPU is less powerful than what is intended for personal computers.

Incidentally, Hewlett-Packard (HP), which has been releasing tablet PCs tied up with Microsoft, is predicted to release a model that will compete against the iPad this midway,HP's promotional pageAccording to the company's new tablet, it is said to be "a model that can fully enjoy the Internet" corresponding to low price, Flash, SD memory card, USB device connection, output to TV and so on.

Below is a movie that explains the features of tablet PCs that HP will fill with full after 5 years development period.
YouTube - NEW! HP's Slate Device: A Full Mobile Experience

Also, Eric E. Schmidt, CEO of Google, which provides an Android platform to compete directly with Apple's iPhone, is willing to launch a tablet PC, and some publishing under the water It is also becoming clear that we are collaborating with HP to develop a tablet type terminal equipped with a display of about 6 inches called by the nickname "the half-pint" which adopted Android as the OS while negotiating with the company .

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