Charcoal grilled flavor and quite spicy "Charcoal grilled chicken sand Korean style spicy sauce taste" Taste review

Since August 27, Kentucky Fried Chicken has released a new product "Charcoal Grilled Chicken Sand Korean style spicy spicy sauce", so I went to eat. This was previously releasedCharcoal grilled chicken sandwichIt is arranged with flavored vegetables and spicy spices to make it Korean style.

Review from below.
Kentucky Fried Chicken | Product Information | Sand | Charcoal Grilled Chicken Sand

A big banner appears at the store.

"Let's sandwich with Kentucky!"

Currently, it seems that the set of "Thank you pack" and "Welcome back! Kernel strap" is 1,200 yen.

Purpose of this time, purchase charcoal grilled chicken sandwich.

Because it is sanded with mizuna, it looks slightly different from what you have so far.

I feel chicken is quite chubby.

The sauce has sweetness like Teriyaki sauce, but it is quite pili due to the effect of red pepper. The first mouth is hotter than I thought, as mayonnaise sauce comes out to eat, the spicyness becomes mild. Not having lettuce but mizuna is sandwiched, the refreshing texture that is different from the previous sandwich is new and the balance is not bad.

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