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Japan McDonald'sWill have "Big Mac" at shops nationwide (except some stores) for 7 days from Friday, August 28 to September 3 (Thursday)Campaign to sell for 200 yenIt is said to do.

Because you can enjoy "Big Mac" usually sold for 290 to 320 yen (regional) at 200 yen, value set (610 to 650 yen for regular price) as affordable price of 550 yen, as well as Big Mac lover It might be a good idea to try this opportunity for people who never ate Big Mac until.

So, tomorrowAugust 28. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on August 28th one year ago.

That "Dead Sea Document" was decoded by NASA's technology and released online - GIGAZINE

How to keep dishware sponge clean - GIGAZINE

Lighter fuel economy sports car of liter about 29 kilometers will come out next year - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.A cute USB hub of "Star Wars R2 - Q5" appears! - Tokyo Walker(Gadget, R2 - Q5 like blackened R2 - D2)

Apple's 5 Worst Products Selection (1) | WIRED VISION(Note, there are some unsuccessful work that I do not want to remember to Apple)

Prominent MMORPG succeeded in reducing CPU usage by 30% by expelling RMT user 2% - Slashdot Japan(There is no point in publishing games for gamers, who make money)

Terai Morning, late night programs are closed all days? Fall restructuring impact information | Back art(It seems that the idea of ​​making entertainment, all day of the week night, all mail-order program is emerging)

How to make up for inexplicable dreams? U.S. university studies persuasion law - ITmedia News(Education, basically threatening "in every way)

The case where the shogi world is being strange by the hit of "Hachi one diver" - My wicked memo(Culture, is not it quite the ultimate collaboration?

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud(Net, Cloud service of Amazon became available via VPN)

IKEA says goodbye to Futura: idsgn (a design blog)(It is a pattern that designs, furniture mass merchandisers IKEA use the font used has changed)

Adobe Edge: August 2009 Listen to Mr. Pooyama, Attraction and technique of Flash + After Effects(Interview, that "Gonorecco"Interview with creators who made flash animation series)

"Fujio Akatsuka Exhibition" at Matsuya Ginza - Unpublished Illustrations and "Shoe's Room" - Ginza Keizai Shimbun(Collaborative works depicting each character which cartoons, Fujiko Fujio A, Utsuta Kyosuke, Takashi Yanasaka, Kenji Honen etc pose "Sha")

Peko-chan special exhibition in Ginza until 6th September | NIKKEI NET Nikkei Waga Maga: Play - Leisure(Note, youthfulness of 6 years old but 59 years old, "Ageless Girl" too envious)

Is a thin top board of a personal computer fragile? (Excite Bit Connector) | Excite News(There are thin notebooks whose top plate was reinforced by hardware, material and shape, but it may become uneasy if it becomes too thin if it becomes too thin)

"Candidate from President Obama" is popular among children (Excite Bit Connecta) | Excite News(Although it is a program of the Ministry of Education which has been continuing since the era of Reagan administration abroad, was not the motivation of the Bush era?)

Ground Self Defense Force, "Fuji General Thermal Power Practice" Implemented 10 photos International News: AFPBB News(Image, the pattern of "Fuji general thermal power exercise" conducted at Higashi Fuji exercise station in Gotemba city, Shizuoka prefecture on August 27)

Dairy Tohoku: Main news: No disposition in "customs business" / Mr. Sansai Misawa Women's Participant (2009/08/27)(It was discovered that women in society, a 20 - year - old senior cabin women 's part - time worker are engaged in divorce relations, and they retired from the application)

The fastest record of steam cars, updated for the first time in 103 years 5 pictures International News: AFPBB News(He recorded about 222 kilometers per hour, broke the maximum speed of 203 kilometers of the steam car established in 1906)

Miss World, preliminary selection photo for the national team selection 18 pictures International News: AFPBB News(Image, style preeminent Chinese women compete for beauty)

"Doraemon" gets a face out earnestly Local goods appeared too cute Trend | Free video GyaO [gao] |(Note, Doraemon will "come out" as you push the middle strap with local items such as goya and Takoyaki)

YouTube - Song played when Suneo talks boasts full (full)(Music, the full version of that song that everyone once heard)

Why is "dice steak" cheap? The secret of cheapness is in molded meat | Trend | Free video GyaO [gao] |(There is a case of molded meat that is sold in a state of corner cutting instead of eating meat, a piece of meat cut into a bite)

Hiroki Takagi @ Diary at home - The case where the eco point application screen is on the shared SSL site(Security and personal information input screen can not confirm operator with domain name which can not be obtained)

Details of New · Kabukiza Revealed - 29 stories high-rise building on the back, total construction cost 43 billion yen - Ginza economic newspaper(Building, design is jointly done by Mitsubishi Estate and Kenkago Building City Design Office)

Berlin's "LEGO" made giraffe, the tail is stolen many times | The world's speech | Reuters(Overseas, the tail part made of 15,000 giraffe LEGO blocks of 6 meters in height is stolen many times)

Colombian drug king's hippopotamus, a scholar in Africa deeply responding | Global speech | Reuters(Animal, the hippopotamus that had been left after the death of the drug king continued breeding, and it has become a problem to escape from the facility)

A grave just above M · Monroe, a successful bidder from Japan declined purchase | Reuters(Overseas, do you place a grave regardless of nationality?)

Good item you can buy at a glance Excellent picture book fish edited rice - edition - L-Cruise - Nikkei Trendy Net(How to taste food and deliciously safe foods taught by professionals)

Democrat introduces policies in FY 12 in teacher training six-year system, abolition of licensing renewal system - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)(Does not the number of aspiring applicants will decrease because they become doctors, veterinarians, and pharmacists in the same period as education and teacher?)

【Stationery King】 Sticker with highlighter pen, correction tape!? "Stationery for sticking" Awan "Portable" - Life - Nikkei Trendy Net(Stationary goods, sticker that fulfills the functions of highlighter pen and correction tape by pasting, can be held in a notebook)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): "Sound generator" only when it is low speed to HV car which is too quiet, Invention - 3 inventive - society(Vehicles, hybrid cars that are so quiet that they can not be noticed even when approaching a pedestrian from behind may certainly be dangerous)

Marumi most seen in the world "Maru" released a photo collection with DVD [with movies] | Trend | Free video GyaO [gao] |(Creatures, cats sliding into cardboard boxes that became famous on YouTube)

Village owner, this season studied with Mrs. Sewin Figure girls - photo news 47 NEWS (Yoana News)(It may be that the topics of figure skating gradually increase for sports, the winter Olympic Games)

H1N1 Influenzation Transfer Fraud Damage 1 million yen - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)(A lie was told to a man who was calling on social, eldest son and calling "Voice is fluctuating with H1N1 influenza")

Apple, the iPhone release in China is coming soon = WSJ | Reuters(There are many people who feel a sense of incompatibility every time they see the character of "iPhone" in the economy and katakana)

Current affairs dot com: The first nationwide treatment facility for net addiction = 45 days without personal computer(Including society, alcohol and narcotics etc. Market is a big dependence treatment business in the USA)

German BMW Announces MINI Brand "Mini Coupe Concept" - Life - Nikkei Trendy Net(It is a sporty impression due to the ride becoming a streamlined ride)

Kirin releases "Kirin Reprint Lager " that reproduces the taste of those days for a limited time | Nikkei Design(Food, 350 ml can only develop for a limited time from November 25)

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