I tried 'Classic Chicken Tatsuta Burger' in the first kitchen where you can enjoy crispy meat and juicy chicken tatsuta

' Classic Chicken Tatsuta Burger ' and ' Classic Teriyaki Chicken Tatsuta Burger ', which you can enjoy the juiciness of fried chicken tatsuta made only from young chicken thighs , have been released from First Kitchen on December 10, 2020. Kombu and bonito are added to the seasoning of fried chicken tatsuta, and it is said that it is finished as a chicken tatsuta burger with 'addictive umami', so I actually tried it to see what it tasted like.

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That's why I arrived at the first kitchen.

Next to the cash register, two types of chicken tatsuta burgers are appealing with a large banner.

This time, I ordered 'Classic Chicken Tatsuta Burger' and 'Classic Teriyaki Egg Chicken Tatsuta Burger' and brought them home.

The 'Classic Chicken Tatsuta Burger' looks like this. 'Scorched soy sauce' is kneaded into the buns, and it looks like a brown sugar roll, and you can see the chicken tatsuta that is big enough to stick out of the buns.

It looks like this when comparing the size side by side with a transportation IC card.

The inside of the buns is lightly baked and coated with mayonnaise sauce.

As for the ingredients, pickles, onions, tomatoes, lettuce are sandwiched in the upper row ...

A large chicken tatsuta is sandwiched at the bottom. The soy sauce-based sauce applied to chicken tatsuta uses three types of soy sauce: 're-prepared soy sauce,' 'light soy sauce,' and 'dark soy sauce.'

When I tried it, the chicken tatsuta had a crispy batter and the contents were soft and juicy. The more you chew, the more the gravy oozes out and entangles with the soy sauce-based sauce. The seasoning of chicken tatsuta is Japanese, but by combining it with 'hamburger-like ingredients' such as pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise sauce, chicken tatsuta and hamburgers are compatible.

Next, I will try 'Classic Teriyaki Egg Chicken Tatsuta Burger'. Unlike 'Classic Chicken Tatsuta Burger', you can see a heap of shredded cabbage.

It looks like this when placed side by side with a transportation IC card.

The buns are baked inside and coated with mayonnaise sauce, similar to the 'Classic Chicken Tatsuta Burger'.

Tomatoes and heaps of shredded cabbage are sandwiched in the ingredients, and unlike 'Classic Chicken Tatsuta Burger', pickles, onions, and lettuce are not sandwiched.

Fried eggs are sandwiched under the shredded cabbage.

Chicken tatsuta was sanded on the lower tier. Chicken Tatsuta is coated with a generous amount of tartar sauce in addition to the soy sauce-based sauce.

When you eat it, you can feel the volume of chicken tatsuta, omelet, and shredded cabbage. 'Classic chicken tatsuta burger' is like 'chicken tatsuta is sandwiched instead of hamburger patty', but chicken tatsuta is painted with tartar sauce, and 'classic chicken tatsuta chicken tatsuta burger' is chicken tatsuta and egg grilled It is a dish that has a strong claim of ingredients such as 'Chicken Tatsuta is the main'.

'Classic Chicken Tatsuta Burger' is 460 yen excluding tax, and 'Classic Teriyaki Chicken Tatsuta Burger' is 490 yen excluding tax, and can be eaten at First Kitchen nationwide from December 10, 2020.

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