Domdom's 'Negidaku Ginger Chicken Tatsuta' and 'Negidaku Salt Lemon Chicken Tatsuta' tasting review

Dom Dom hamburger 'Negi-daku Ginger Chicken Tatsuta ' and ' Negi-daku Salt Lemon Chicken Tatsuta ', which are made by seasoning crispy fried chicken tatsuta with a sweet and spicy sauce and still incorporating onions, will be available from July 23, 2021. It has appeared. It is said that two types of fragrant ginger and refreshing salt lemon are on sale, so I actually tried both of them.

'Green onion ginger chicken tatsuta' 'Green onion salt lemon chicken tatsuta' | Dom Dom hamburger [Official site]

I ordered 'Negidaku Ginger Chicken Tatsuta' and 'Negidaku Salt Lemon Chicken Tatsuta' at eat-in.

This is 'Leek Ginger Chicken Tatsuta' ...

This is 'Leek salt lemon chicken Tatsuda'. You can't tell the difference from the appearance.

Both types have plenty of onions sandwiched under a large lettuce ...

There was a chicken with sauce under the onion.

First of all, when you eat a bite of 'Negi-daku Ginger Chicken Tatsuta', the strong taste of ginger spreads in your mouth so that you can feel a tingling stimulus on your tongue. Chicken tatsuta has a sweet, spicy and juicy taste, with a crispy outside and a soft texture inside. The onions are moderately heated, have a light crispy texture, and do not have much green odor. The buns are sweet like sweet bread, and combined with mayonnaise and sweet and spicy sauce, the overall flavor is sweeter than salty.

The lemon taste of 'Negidaku Shio Lemon Chicken Tatsuta' is not too assertive, and it has a moderately sweet taste mixed with acidity. The juiciness of chicken tatsuta and the sweetness of buns are more directly transmitted than 'Negidaku Ginger Chicken Tatsuta', and you can enjoy the taste of each ingredient. I was able to eat it easily while sandwiching the hearty chicken tatsuta.

The price of 'Negidaku Ginger Chicken Tatsuta' and 'Negidaku Salt Lemon Chicken Tatsuta' is 420 yen including tax, and they are sold at Dom Dom hamburgers nationwide except Ichihara Elephant Country Store.

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