The floor guided by guests changes, "Haagen-Dazs La Maison Ginza" All menu Charge trial review

"Opened in Ginza from 17th July 2009"Haagen-Dazs La Maison Ginza". The inside of the store is different in design from floor to floor, and the concierge on the first floor guides the floor to meet the image and desires of customers. From the fact that Haagen-Dazs philosophy is put in, Ice cream shop which is inscribed as "Philosophy shop" is actually what kind of thing I tried everything that I can eat in the shop.

Details are as below.
The store is located on Suzuran Street in Ginza.

The flag of "Haagen-Dazs La Maison Ginza" written in the alphabet is a landmark.

Although there is a Haagen Dazs logo, a person who does not know may not notice because it is small.

Building of stylish design. It is located from the 2nd floor to the 4th floor of the basement, and meals are available on the 1st, 2nd and 4th floors of the basement.

I arrived after 13 o'clock, but the waiting time of the meal planned at that time was 30 minutes. There was also a menu for take-away, and a different row was made, but that state also waited for 30 minutes. It seems that it became waiting for 90 minutes immediately after opening at 11 o'clock.

There was also a wait tag for 120 minutes beside it. Waiting for two hours in the summer seems to be quite a punishment.

A postcard dealt in front of the store. It is also located next to the cashier in the store.

An elevator with a gorgeous atmosphere in the shop.

It was basement 1 floor that was informed without knowing who was the concierge.

It does not mean that no clerk is in the basement, there is space where the staff is resident.

The table itself is not very wide.

The wall side is a sofa.

Cushion on the sofa seat.

This is the menu you gave me.

It is written that you can encounter "the supreme combination that appeals to five senses you have never seen" when you open it.

Since the menu of cooking photos are also put together, the atmosphere like a recipe book.

The first thing I saw was drinks. "Alexandra" vanilla and wild strawberry tea, 950 yen. It is a strawberry taste with fresh sweet and sour taste, and there is enough taste without sugar.

It is similar to Alexandra in light blue color, but here is "seasonal flavor tea", 950 yen. It was a crispy refreshing tea. Besides soft drinks, "La Maison Ginza" also includes alcohol such as wine, beer and champagne in the menu.

"Smoked salmon and cheese, smoked salmon and cheese, Focacca's assorted plate ice cream sweet" Macaroon Bijou "along with the category" COCKTAIL "recommended to eat with liquor", 1350 yen. As expected it is a rich taste, bread 's Focaccia is also salty seasoned. But the dried grapes that are attached are exquisite mouth rests.

Also in the "COCKTAIL" category "Fresh salad, Focaccia's whimsical assorted plate ice cream sweet" Macaroon Bijou "with 1350 yen. Milan salami, ratatouille, avocado salad came out today. I felt that the salami, tomato sauce and cheese taste did not become Gudaguda but it was one and it fits a mellow salad.

"Macaroon Bijou" comes with two assorted plates. I can not choose the taste and come out randomly. This is Matcha and coffee.

Another Macaroon Bijou was strawberry and coffee. Ice having a strong Masumi like Haagen Dazs is caught, but regrettable that the viscosity of macaroon rises with water. Personally Ice and Macaron were delicate combinations.

"Ratatouille and Milano salami" in the category "GALLETE", 1350 yen. It was a crispy crepe-like dough combined with various ingredients, it was like a pizza full of ketchup. Salami 's saltiness and gruyere cheese produce good harmony.

"Complit: ham, egg, cheese", 1150 yen. It also has a taste like pizza, which is also suitable for men due to the small change in ingredient taste. When you kill half-egg eggs, it becomes a rich taste, and it becomes a dish whose stomach is swollen.

"Salad tailoring of smoked salmon and pink grapefruit", 1350 yen. The acidity of pink grapefruit comes in at the counter to the combination of bitterness salad and spicy salmon. It is healthy and refreshing among the three kinds of gullets, but since cheese is also included, I can feel the taste of eating firmly.

"Vanilla ice cream, accompanied with red wine compote of fruit tomato" in the "MYSTIQUE" category combining ice with cheese and vegetables, 1350 yen. It is the taste which I have never ever had, because the material is good, it is not the last mazu.

I imagined the state of mixing the tomato sour, cheese taste and vanilla ice, it really feels like I just came out. The appearance is tomato red is very vivid and remains in the impression.

"Rich milk ice cream, white peach compote and fresh avocado", 1350 yen. Avocado wraps and flushes the flavor of white peach trying to spread. I think that it is ant to eat as a healthy "cooking", but when you eat it as "dessert" it is uncomfortable.

The top ride is fried basil. Because the taste of avocado is too strong, I feel that other materials combined are wasteful. Although we can experience unusual taste, "MYSTIQUE" category is pretty much for professional. I can not recommend going to "Haagen-Dazs La Maison Ginza" for the first time and asking only this much.

"SENSUAL" category combining ice and juice soup. "Rich milk ice cream, cold orange jelly soup with amarette flavor", 1150 yen. Refreshing taste that makes me feel like I want to rush out quietly just after summer vacation. There is also a ginger meringue as an accent, but when filling with acidity and sweetness, eating white rice will reset the inside of the mouth to a good feeling. I feel like the blue sky and the sun are spreading in my body, personally I was the best I ate today.

"Seasonal French Jules Soup", 1150 yen. Today was matcha ice cream and watermelon juice soup. The flavor of watermelon and slightly salty soup mixed with the bitterness of Matcha, slightly odorless taste. It reminds me of the summer afternoon after the Bon festival, and I feel a little sick. This is also quite a surprising combination, but Ali.

"MARVELOUS" category which puts out an ice cream in three combinations. "Strawberry and Rich Ice Cream, with Pepper Meringue and Flambooise Sauce", 1250 yen.

Ice that I have eaten in Haagen Dazs anyhow, familiar taste ice cream. Meringue adds a crisp texture but it is not brand new. Three pieces will come out, so it's better to eat while chatting with more than two people than eating alone.

"Belgian chocolate and vanilla ice cream, google dumpling, pear and Italian parsley with sauce", 1250 yen.

Hagen Dazs Ice is also the main character here. Although eyes go to the shoe sandwiching iced ice cream well, the source of pear and parsley which lightens the taste of rich chocolate ice is kimo. After all three pieces come out so it is a dessert for multiple people.

"GLAMOROUS" category combining ice and baked confectionery. "English milk tea ice cream, accompanied with 3 kinds of stick pies", 1350 yen.

A thin jellyfilm with black tea flavor is on top of the milk tea ice creates a change in transparency and texture.

The stick pie is three pieces of cinnamon, cardamom, tea, and it adjusts the inside of the mouth that is going to be overwhelming with black tea.

There are edible flowers that are placed around. Red flowers taste bitter, yellow flowers floral taste.

"Rum raisin ice cream, ring pies of grapes and fennel seeds", 1350 yen. Dessert where ice of rum raisin rode on the middle of a donut shaped pie.

The pie is decorated with giant peppers, and the scent of rum has a richness. The pie is crispy freshly, but since it has heat, the ice melts faster.

On the top of the ice cream is a filamentary candy work, a scum fille. It is very gorgeous atmosphere.

"Vanilla ice cream, cream of caramel · boul · salle", 1250 yen. Taste that makes it quite troublesome with a deep sweetness of raw caramel and a citrus scent and sour taste of marmalade.

Concrete of flesh and plenty. There are more solid parts than the liquid part and have a response.

Creamy vanilla ice cream.

Salt caramel sauce comes with a small bottle and it can be applied freely, but if you overdo it, sauce will infuse into crepe and swell quickly.

Besides the "COCKTAIL" category and "GALLETE" category, you can drink tea and coffee for 400 yen as a set drink. For all the meals that can be eaten in the shop, 2 cups of tea and 1 cup of coffee totaled 23 thousand yen.

The point card on the left is "Haagen-Dazs La Maison Ginza" only. 1 point accumulated every 100 yen, 10% discount ticket with 100 points reached. It is said that gift certificates equivalent to 2000 yen will be given at 200 points reached. It seems that 50 points are included from the beginning because it was an open day. However, it is unknown whether the amount used for the card issue date has been added.

Although "La Maison Ginza" is given the name of Haagen Dazs, it seems better to think that it is a little cafe than an ice cream shop. In addition to the above, there is also a menu for take-out, but at the time I left the store, there was still a queue waiting for 30 minutes so I was abandoned with no time.

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