Apple has ordered 100 million flash memories, and Sony and NOKIA also have the possibility of introducing new products from each company with mass ordering

The possibility of a new iPhone 3G appearing has also been reportedAlthough it is Apple, it became clear that I ordered 100 million flash memories.

Also, it is also clear that Sony and NOKIA are placing a large order of flash memory, but considering that there was a new product announcement after the manufacturer ordered a large amount of flash memory, new companies from each company There seems to be a possibility that products will appear.

Details are as follows.
NAND flash supply to tighten after Apple reportedly places large order

According to this article, Apple is ordering Samsung for 8 gigabit (1 gigabyte) NAND flash memory. At the same time, Sony and NOKIA also began to store inventory by strengthening ordering of flash memory.

The price of flash memory has increased by 16% from the end of March to the beginning of April due to this mass order, and it is said that the state of shortage will continue until the end of May.

IncidentallyIn May 2007 Apple ordered 500 million NAND flash memoryWhen it became obvious,"IPod touch" was announced in September after 4 monthsIs it ok to think that this large volume order is also a harbinger of new product appearance?

For developers held in San Francisco in June "Worldwide Developers Conference 2009Whether or not any announcement will be held will be an issue.

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