The possibility that the price of SSD will soar as Apple's iPad appeared, shortage of flash memory supply shortage

Although it is a recording medium "SSD" using flash memory that is expected as an alternative recording medium for HDD, I think that price reduction will continue in the future due to miniaturization of the manufacturing process, etc. Conversely, price can rise It became clear that there is sex.

What is the causeApple's iPad scheduled to be released at the end of AprilIt seems to be because it requires an overwhelming amount of flash memory.

Details are as below.
Apple's iPad could delay its move to SSDs | High Tech Lounge

Apple iPad may delay transition to SSD, say hard drive makers

According to this article, market participants said that, owing to the soaring price of flash memory, PC makers may stop responding to converting the recording medium installed in their products from HDD to SSD.

Although the price of flash memory is rising, one third of the flash memory on the market is consumed because of SSD installed in Apple 's tablet PC "iPad" announced at the end of January this year It is pointed out that it falls into a supply shortage situation by doing it.

In addition, major flash memory manufacturers have reduced the manufacturing cost of flash memory by newly adopting the 30 nm class manufacturing process, but due to the high demand, the flash memory will rise even in 2010 It is said to tend to.

Incidentally, when large flash memory manufacturers adopt further miniaturized manufacturing process of 20 nm, the flash memory price is expected to further decline, but unfortunately it is unlikely that a transition will occur until late 2011 It is being done.

It corresponds to the next model of iPhone 3GS which is already on sale nowThe 4 th generation iPhone is about to reach the testing stage as of the end of 2009,If the product version will be released this summer with the usual schedule, it seems that demand for flash memory will further increase, so unless the makers are going to make a big increase in production, the supply shortage will continue for a while Is it not?

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