TSMC expects to earn record revenue in the 7 nm process to manufacture Apple's next SoC "A 12"

SoC installed in the iPhone X / iPhone 8 series "A11 Bionic, TSMC has succeeded in monopolistic supply of the new SoC "A12" (tentative name) to be adopted for the next iPhone, expecting that it will be profitable despite the decrease in sales due to the strong performance of the 7 nm process chip I will.

TSMC may post record profits for 2018 on 7 nm volume production

TSMC Reveals that Smartphones with 7 nm Processors on Track for Q4 2018 could bring up to 40% Power Reduction - Patently Apple

Apple's developed SoC "A11 Bionic" realized unprecedented high performance as a mobile terminal chip. TSMC, who succeeded in exclusively supplying this A11 Bionic, is believed to have succeeded in monopolistic supply of the next iPhone SoC "A12".

TSMC has completed mass-production technology with 7 nm process (7 nm FinFET) ahead of Samsung etc. competing in semiconductor manufacturing, and A 12 is also planned to be manufactured with 7 nm FinFET. Although A11 Bionic manufactured with 10 nm FinFET has led to improved chip performance and reduced manufacturing costs, it is thought that A12 manufactured with finer 7 nm FinFET will further reduce chip manufacturing costs. TSMC plans to begin mass production of 7 nm FinFET products in the second quarter of 2018 (April to June). Affiliates expect the A12 for the next iPhone to reach 20% of TSMC's total sales in 2018.

TSMC said it will realize a 7-nm FinFET with an integration density 1.6 times faster than a 10 nm FinFET, up to 20% faster computing performance, and a maximum 40% reduction in power consumption, A12 manufactured by 7 nm FinFET It seems that it will be expected to further accelerate and save power.

It is certain that A12 manufactured in the 7 nm process will have a significant impact on TSMC's revenues, but DIGITIMES points out that not only A12 contributes to performance. Qualcomm who is a rival receiving recent performance improvement of Soft made by MediaTekSnapdragon 700 seriesTSMC will receive mass orders for Android terminals in the second half of 2018, and sales of semiconductors for smartphones will reach about 40% of the total.

In anticipation of sluggish demand for mining, we reduced our business forecastAlthough it is TSMC, it is expected that SoC production for smartphones, including A12, will boost revenues by 10%.

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