Samsung begins manufacturing 3nm process products

Samsung has

announced that it has begun manufacturing 3nm process products as previously planned . One of its rivals, TSMC, is also planning to start mass production of 3nm process products in the second half of 2022, but Samsung has taken the initiative.

Samsung Begins Chip Production Using 3nm Process Technology With GAA Architecture – Samsung Global Newsroom

Samsung Electronics starts 3-nanometer chip production ahead of TSMC | TechCrunch

Samsung announced on June 30, 2022 that it began initial production of 3nm process nodes with the Gate-All-Around (GAA) architecture. Samsung's GAA technology, 'Multi-Bridge Channel FETs' (MBCFETs), improve power efficiency by lowering the supply voltage level and improve performance by increasing drive current capacity against FinFET performance limitations. It is said that it is.

First-generation 3nm process products reduce power consumption by up to 45%, reduce area by 16%, and improve performance by 23% compared to 5nm process products.

When it comes to second-generation 3nm process products, power consumption will be reduced by up to 50%, area will be reduced by 35%, and performance will be improved by 30%.

It is known that rival TSMC is also planning to start mass production of next-generation 5nm process products and 3nm process products in the second half of 2022, and is proceeding with research and development of the 2nm process.

TSMC's next-generation 5nm process & 3nm process is scheduled to start mass production in 2022, and 2nm process is also under research and development --GIGAZINE

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