Samsung plans to mass-produce 3nm process products from 2022 and 2nm process products from 2025

At the 'Samsung Foundry Forum 2021 ' held from October 6th to 8th, 2021, Samsung revealed the deployment schedule of 3nm process products and 2nm process products.

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As of 2019, Samsung has announced that it has an alpha version of its 3nm process design kit for its customers.

At this event, production of the first 3nm process product (3GAE) will start in the first half of 2022, and the second generation 3nm process product (3GAP) will be launched in 2023, including 2nm process product (2GAP). It became clear that it was in the early stages of development for mass production in 2025.

Samsung's unique multi-bridge channel FET technology enhances power, performance and flexible design capabilities for continuous process migration. In the 3nm process, it is possible to reduce the area by up to 35%, improve the performance by 30%, and reduce the power consumption by 50% compared to 5nm. Due to the improvement of PPA (electric power, performance, power consumption) and the maturity of the process, the yield is close to that of the 4nm process, which is already in mass production.

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