Google adopted SSD for server, SSD dropped due to mass production effect

It seems that Google decided to adopt SSD as a recording medium for servers instead of hard disk. Manufacturers who already supply parts necessary for SSD are also standing.

And this has come the possibility that the SSD will fall.

Details are as follows.
Intel gains SSD orders from Google, say sources

According to this article, Google seems to decide to adopt SSD which consumes even lower power than HDD as the recording medium of some of its servers.

And Intel will supply flash memory and Marvell will supply chipset to control flash memory, it will be shipped by the end of June.

As the adoption of SSD to servers increases, NAND flash memories of 16 gigabit (capacity: 2 GB) and 32 gigabit (capacity: 4 GB) are said to be in short supply, but in general it is As we produce a large amount in total, the unit price of the product also decreases, so it seems that if it works, flash memory products such as SSD may fall.

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