"Intuos 4" hasty movie review which understands the light pen pressure detection of 1 g and "touch wheel" etc.

This schedule to be released from April 3 (Friday)Intuos 4But this timePhoto reviewFollowed by a movie review.

However, it focuses on the function that the animation will be easier to understand than the picture in terms of its systematic aspects rather than being asked to look at the state of actually painting. Particularly noteworthy is "touch wheel" which enables you to zoom the screen, change the brush size, change layers, rotate the canvas with a single finger. For people who have not touched the tablet after Intuos 3, I have taken a movie since it is an unfamiliar feature. In addition, although it is said that a light pen pressure of 1 gram has become detectable, I have also shot a movie that clearly shows what it is all about.

Playback is from the following.
"Touch wheel" is a mechanism in which a small lamp on the right turns on and lights whenever you press the middle button, so that you can now understand what function is working right now. If you press "?" At the top of the function key, help is displayed on the screen
Intuos 4 part 1 - YouTube

Rotating the touch wheel to zoom in and zoom out
Intuos 4 part 2 - YouTube

It appears that you rotate the touch wheel and switch Photoshop layers one after the other
Intuos 4 Part 3 - YouTube

Rotate the touch wheel to change the brush size
Intuos 4 part 4 - YouTube

And what will happen if this is a light pen pressure detection of 1 gram? something like. Even just lightly rubbing or rubbing the pen tip on the tablet makes retouching possible. If you want to use it with a touch that is lighter than before, you can use it more varied if it is combined with the pen pressure function which increased from 1024 levels to 2048 levels. To be easy to understand, it seemed like a pencil or a brush more than before. It is close to the feeling of writing on paper.
Intuos 4 Part 5 - YouTube

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