This is the capability of SSD, if you replace your old PC with SSD you can start with explosive speed

SanDisk in GIGAZINE beforeTo release SSD that realized the explosive speed and long life that can be used with old PCsAlthough I reported, a movie in which the HDD of old Let 's note was replaced with SSD actually appeared.

Despite being an old personal computer, it has become possible to start with impossible quickness, and it is content to be aware of the power of SSD.

Details are as follows.
This is the movie. As a result of exchanging the HDD of Let'snote T2 (current model is "T8") to SSD, it can be started up in 15 seconds after turning on the power.
YouTube - Let's Note T2 OCZ-SSD XP startup (15 sec)

Incidentally, the SSD has a maximum reading speed of 80 MB per second and a maximum writing speed of 48 MB per second "OCZ SSDPATA 1 - 32 GThat's right. Intel's high-end modelIt achieves a maximum read speed of 250 MB per second and a maximum write speed of 170 MB per secondBecause it is not so fast as SSD, performance seems to improve by exchanging.

In the following pageLet'snote R3DWe are converting to SSD to make it the world's smallest, lightest, longest drive silent personal computer, but it is incredibly improving, as the benchmark score is 3 to 4 times.

I tried making remake of R3

Because the manufacturer's warranty will not be accepted if you do the replacement, the replacement is self-responsibility to the last, but it is wonderful that you want to try unexpectedly This is ...

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