I tried arranging FF successive warriors at Suntory's potion "DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY POTION"

As I reported in October, Square Enix 's 20th anniversary release of FINAL FANTASY "DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY" will be on sale, so Suntory has released a design can with a series of characters as the third part of the potion. The contents are divided into two kinds, "Cosmos" and "Chaos", and the warriors of the successive Cosmos and Chaos who have been fighting endless fighting each are designed. I bought it for seeing the brave appearance of successive warriors at once.

Something is going to happen when mixing potion's "cosmos" and "chaos", of course, I tried mixing all at his strength.

Details are as below.

Potion is "cosmos" and "chaos" are two kinds. The color of the can is black is "chaos", it seems to be Muscat-flavored bitter sweet flavor.

Cosmos is the one whose color is white. It seems to be a sharp taste of grapefruit flavor.

Different characters are drawn on the back of each can respectively.

2 kinds × 8 pieces, 16 in all. Ten of them have two characters of the final fantasy series so far. This is the main character side. Final Fantasy on the upper left, Final Fantasy II, III, IV, V on the right. Final Fantasy VI down to X are lining down.

Behind it, the villain side. As for the top row, I to V in the upper row, VI from the VI in the lower row. It is what fought with various enemies ... ....

Raw materials are almost the same, coloring fees are different.

I poured it into a glass. Chaos on the left, Cosmos on the right.

Chaos is light bluish purple. It has a pretty intense Muscat flavor, and after drinking it is a bitter sweet, so it's sort of a sore in my mouth.

Cosmos against it is light yellow. Sometimes called grapefruit flavor, it tastes like carbonated sports drink. It is refreshing.

And if you mix these two ... ....

The color is transparent. Muscat taste and grapefruit taste mix together, and it seems that wonder and refreshing feeling is powering up. Individually it is a simple taste, but it is like feeling the depth to match the taste.

I'd like to have Elixir soon.

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