Suntory, the third part of the potion "DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY POTION" released

PSP software which Square Enix releases "Final Fantasy" 20th anniversary to releaseDISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY"DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY POTION", which is the third bullet from Suntory, will be released in accordance with the launch of "DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY POTION".

Already"DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY POTION" exhibited at the Tokyo Game Show 2008 venueApparently, it seems to be easy to drink this time.

Details are as follows.
Suntory and Square Enix Collaboration 3rd "DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY POTION" New Release 2008.10.9 News Release Suntory

According to this release, Suntory will release the "DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY POTION" collaborated with SQUARE ENIX on Tuesday, December 9 nationwide on a limited quantity basis.

"DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY POTION" can design a major character appearing in successive "Final Fantasy" series, "Cosmos" which was based on white by imagining "harmony" appearing in "DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY" There are 8 kinds of "chaos" that imaged black and imagined "chaos".

Both of them are nutritive carbonated drinks with royal jelly extract added, "Cosmos" is said to be refreshing grapefruit taste, "Chaos" has been finished with aroma rich Muscat taste. The price is 191 yen by tax.

Though it is a "potion" which has a strong sense of health drink, it is easy to drink more than ever before being finished in a refreshing taste.

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