"Monster Hunter Drink" tasting review image of game recovery medicine review

Previously introducedRecovery drug of monster hunter that became a drinkI finally found it in the 7-Eleven so I bought it and tried drinking it. Maybe it's okay in situations where you have to hunt monsters.

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"Monster Hunter Drink", a soft drink that imaged "recovery medicine" that appears in Capcom's popular game software "Monster Hunter" series released on Thursday, March 27, 2008 | Bandai | Press release

Since it comes into caffeine, ingesting infants is prohibited.

Classification is a soft drink.

Various monsters are designed in the cap.

I poured it into a glass. It is a pale yellow feeling like an energy drink.

Because it is not a carbonated drink, it is not shuffled.

The taste looks like carbonic out of real gold etc. It is easy to drink without bitterness. Although it will be less effective than a full-blown drink, it may be just right to raise your mood.

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