Finally "E can" of Rockman will be released as a drink

As beforePotion of "Final Fantasy"YaRecovery drug of 'Monster Hunter'Items that appear in the game have actually been released, but it seems that it was decided to become a drink until E can of "Rockman".

Details are as below.Rockman Official Site

The product itself seems to be sports drink of royal jelly formula.

The selling source isEgashira 2:50 teaYaKitaro's Youkai juiceApis Co., Ltd., which is known for selling a lot of strange drinks, etc. Release date is late August 2008, the whole countryAnimate (excluding some stores)YaKotobukiyaWe plan to sell at 137 yen at.

It seems to be a perfect drink for those who are about to die soon, or who are in need of enemies who can not be defeated.

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