'Canada Dry Clear · Apple Soda' has good compatibility with carbonated apple

I bought "Canada Dry Clear · Apple Soda" which is released only on Family Mart from Tuesday, June 26 and tried it. The taste of strong carbonic acid and apple match well, which is quite tasty.

Details are as follows.
A refreshing apple flavor carbonated drink
"Canada dry clear · Apple soda" Family Mart limited release

It is limited to June 27th and 28th, but it seems that you are doing a campaign hitting merchandise vouchers and 50 yen discount tickets when shopping for 500 yen or more at FamilyMart.

Raw material is like this. Use a cool bottle can, not a plastic bottle.

I poured it into a glass. Pretty carbonic acid is bursting.

I thought that if the taste of apple is thin it is colorful, but it is transparent.

Unlike the same Canada dry brand ginger ale, it is not hot. Since carbonic acid is strong, drinking a glass of water at one stroke has quite a stimulation. Although it is fruit juice, the taste of the apple is quite effective, and it has been reproduced subtlely to the feeling that it seems to surreptitious to the nod after drinking apple juice. It is quite recommended except for people who are not good at carbonated beverages because it is about finished to consider regular entry.

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