"No calorie Coca-Cola" is more sweet than ordinary Coca-Cola

Previously introducedCalorie Zero "No Calorie Coca-Cola"Since it became on sale, I bought it with ordinary Coca-Cola and tried drinking comparison. Because it was calorie 0, there was no taste inferior.

Details are as follows.
Refresh to a stylish design. Silver label that makes you feel like being a successor to diet Coca-Cola.

I poured it into a glass. Compared with normal Coca-Cola, carbonic bubbles are fine.

Looking from the side, you can see the color depth. The same no-calorie Pepsinex was a bit lighter in color.

When comparing it with ordinary Coca-Cola, bubble appearance is totally different. Ordinary cola begins to rise as big bubbles come up, but no-calories are fine bubbles that continue to rise and remain on the edge of the glass for a while.

Unlike ordinary ones, it contains various sweeteners.

When I compared drinking, the carbonic acid is a little weak, so the no-calorie coca-cola feels stronger sweetness. Even if it says that carbonic acid is weak, because it compares with ordinary Coca-Cola, there is no such thing as a micro carbonic acid and a comfortable sense of showering feeling. Also, since sweetness is not a stubborn feeling, it is refreshing so that people who feel that carbonic acid of Coke is slightly delicious is not good for no-calorie.

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