WILLCOM 's W - ZERO 3 allows "mixi mobile" viewing

From April 4 today, WILLCOM will be offering 'mixi mobile' service as official content. As a result, "mixi mobile" will be available as the official content of the "W - ZERO 3" series and the voice terminal equipped with the browser.

Until now, if it is from the W - ZERO 3 series, only mixi for PC can be browsed, it takes time rather than reading data, icons are small, scrolling is troublesome, and so on You will be able to use mixi comfortably.

Details are as follows.
WILLCOM | WILLCOM 's official content "mixi mobile" launched service

According to this release, it seems that we decided to offer 'mixi mobile' as official content of WILLCOM, because many WILLCOM communities are formed in mixi, and many WILLCOM users are using mixi . This means that "mixi Mobile" will be able to enjoy more conveniently and more comfortably according to users' usage scenes.

The access method is as follows.

W-ZERO 3 series

WEB button → Willcom Official Website → Blog · SNS

WILLCOM 's phone (with browser)

WEB button → Official website → Entertainment → Communication

Also,http://m.mixi.jp/Direct access is available from.

I actually show mixi mobile from W - ZERO 3 to Opera 8.6 full screen.

Not only mixi mobile,GourNavi MobileAs in W-ZERO 3, since it is not possible to display the mobile site and there are many cases where discount coupons can not be used, it is a place I would like to increase the corresponding site by all means.

In addition, as an example where SNS was made official website by mobile phone carrier, au cooperated with GREE "EZ GREE",As it was in the past coverage, NTT Docomo has a previous example of making mobile version of mixi mobile and GREE official website.

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