A dramatic photo that shot a precious moment of various sports

The serious game of professionals who have been trained can sometimes show us dramatic images. Of course it is not limited to movies. There is a wonderful moment of interlaced weaving that can be contained because of being a still picture.

Details are as below.
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Breath-taking play.

If you follow the gaze of those involved, you will understand the person who caused the fall.

An intense gaze captures the ball and does not release it.

What on earth do the referees on the right want to do?

Somehow the dog is like this.

A picture that looks like Schipoli.

It should not be due to mind that it seems to overlap momentarily at the transformation pose of Kamen Rider.

You look exquisitely nice.

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This hurts.

People crossed.

Body balance as if it is still in the air. I am concentrating too much on playing and my facial expression is amazing.

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