Suntory's blue ginger ale "Blue Ginger Ale" tasting review

It is a famous blue color because it has an effect of diminishing appetite, but it looks beautifulPortionYaPepsi Blue Hawaii,Cherio blue ciderAnd various blue drinks are on sale.

So, the other dayNew release from November 25"Blue Ginger Ale" that I reported was in line with convenience stores, so I bought it immediately.

Details are as below.
Blue Ginger Ale Suntory

Suntory universal cap.

Raw materials etc. It seems to have appeared because it is a party season.

I tried it on the day. The color is unexpectedly thin ...?

The color revealed by pouring it into the glass. Is it okay to express it as transparent aqua blue, it is considerably diluted blue. Being able to expect more intense bodies for bad colors so beat fast.

If you keep it in a plastic bottle, the amount is large so it looks a little darker color. The taste does not taste like ginger so much, it feels like just a blue cider than a ginger ale. Since carbonic acid is also weak, children can relax with confidence.

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