Muto Muneto Pharmaceutical, which had produced "Mutouhapu (610 hap)", has finished the work, the factory has already stopped operating

A long-established firm that was founded 102 years ago, manufacturing Mutouhapu (610 hap), a bathing agent that received a demand for self-restraint after receiving suicide by a series of hydrogen sulfide in various parts of Japan earlier this year, Muto Sho ) It was revealed that the pharmaceutical will finish its work.

The factory has already stopped, and the company itself is also planning to terminate its work.

The circumstances that led to the work termination are as follows.
When GIGAZINE editorial staff inquired Muto Sake Pharmaceutical by phone, Muto Kunio Pharmaceutical stopped the factory which had been manufacturing "Mutouhap" etc. in October. Then, after continuing business for a certain period of time for customer support etc., the company itself will also terminate the work.

And as a background to this, suicide by successive hydrogen sulfideJapan Chain Drug Store AssociationIn April of this year, we asked for drug sales store "Mutouhapu" requesting self-restraint of sales, it seems to have a big influence.

Because 7 to 80% of the whole of "Mutouhapu" is sold at a drugstore, sales quietly request was canceled in July in addition to a large drop in sales due to refraining from sales and a large amount of return , The fact that it was canceled itself is not publicized in the drugstore, and in the worst case, the drug store responded to the inquiry from the customer "The company has gone", etc., the prospect of selling disappears It is mentioned that it is.

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