The wonderful content of the "romance manual" written by a 9-year old boy

How old you are, it is difficult to talk to the opposite sex. Even more difficult to become lovers from there is more difficult, but the "romance manual" written by an American 9-year-old boy may be useful for such troubles. What kind of things are written in this book which was decided until film making the other day?

Details are below.Fox learns 'How to Talk to Girls' - Entertainment News, Film News, Media - Variety

Alec Greven of Colorado State, USA is a 9th grade elementary school fourth grader. Writing advice for classmates who can not get along well with the girls in class became a catalyst for publication. This advice collection is called "How To Talk To Girls"It was sold at a school bazaar and it was sold at a school bazaar, and the eyes of a publisher Harper Collins famous for numerous masterpiece children's books such as" The Narnia National Story "," Little House of the Prairie "," The Giving Tree " And it was published. After that, the publication of up to 4 volumes was also decided, and it seems that negotiations with the 21st Century Fox have also started.

Alec's romance book has no ambiguous advice like the so-called "just let's get yourself as it is"There may be girls who will like you, but I will throw you away. Life is toughFrom the attitude toward love affair "Show good points. Do something special in football in front of a girl"Really collided from the front right like a real columnist of a hot dog pressProfessor Kenzo KitagataAlong the line of advice. It is terribly terrible that a 9 year old boy will write this.

Whether it is actually useful or not is unknown, but AlecTV interview"I am motto, but I am not keeping in touch with the pin because there are no children coming in" I am commenting. I do not know if I will act on the streets as this book really works, but even if it was no good "Do not be embarrassed. Girl I hate the lazy manAlec is advising.

YouTube - Alec Greven on ELLEN - Feb 20 2008

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