Only tiny things to know about the Middle East

The other day,Michael Jackson converted to Muslim and renamed, the name became "Mikaeel"The area called Middle Eastern and Muslim is a distant and unexpected existence for those living in Japan, although we told that. Let's review the Middle East once.

Details are as below.
10 Facts Every Westerner Should Know About the Middle East |

1: "Arab" is not "religion" but "ethnic"
There are also "Arab ethnic groups of Christians" and "Arab ethnic groups of Jews". In general, the Arab peoples are (1) the family of the Arabian region and (2) those who speak Arabic. Therefore ...

2: Not all Arab peoples are Muslims
Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, North Africa and Palestine ... Others There are Arab ethnic Christians all over the world.

3: "Islam" is "religion"
"Muslim" is "a man who keeps the teachings of Islam".

4: Shias are something like Catholicism in Christianity
They are trying to faithfully carry out doctrine under strong clergy. forSunnis are like protestants.They are trying to have a more direct relationship with God himself rather than to clergy.

5: People in Iran are not Arab ethnic groups, but Persian folk

6: Arab peoples also Sem
There is a recognition that Semitic = Jewish, but since the word "Sem" originally means "people in the Semanosphere", the Arab peoples can also be said to be Sem. It is a little strange to call the Arab peoples 'anti-Semiticists'.

7: According to the Bible, Jews and Arabs are friendly
The Jews are said to be the descendants of Abraham's son Isaac, and the Arabs are descendants of Abraham's son Ishmael. Both belong to the same Semitic area and can be said to be relatives with the same ancestor.

8: Sunnis occupy about 90% of Muslims

9: The most Muslim in the world is Indonesia

10: The beginning of the discord between Shias and Sunnis is the Muhammad's succession battle
The Shi'a group focused on blood relations and pushed ants that are Mt. Muhammad's cousins. On the contrary, the Sunnis argued that the most suitable person should be chosen with the hands of the teacher and chose the first caliph, Abu · Bakuru. The discord between the two has now become complicated, which also involves religious and class battles.

This list is written for Westerners, so knowing each other may be the first step to get rid of the fight.

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