Headline news on November 26, 2008

A new product like a shorter and twisted twigs sold by Morinaga "Fruit of twigs"Will be released. Because the sachet chocolate market has been growing since women of society who eat while they are at work, it seems that they are becoming chocolate with difficulty to grasp. Sales start from December 7 in eastern Japan, January 27 in 2009 in western Japan. Contents quantity is 34 g and price is 105 yen including tax. It is a place to wonder what happens to the unique texture of twigs by changing size.

So, tomorrowNovember 27. On November 27th one year ago, GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

Goo announced big change in search word annual ranking in 2007 - GIGAZINE

Google users Yahoo! Age from JAPAN users, high unmarried rate - GIGAZINE

Playstation toaster which combined toaster and playstation - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
The cause of leakage of personal information on the Internet is "40% of" service provider "," self-responsibility "less than 40% - Eye Share research(Questionnaire to the fact that information was disclosed on the Internet and Google map)

Google holds a share of 61.2% in the US search market in October - Nielsen Online survey: marketing - CNET Japan(Net, number of searches increased by 8.1% from the same period of the previous year)

Variety · Japan | The Beatles' Music Distribution Dark Clouds(Paul · McCartney and others difficult to negotiate with Apple)

CNN.co.jp: The Vatican praises the Beatles, allowing Lennon's comments to be told(Note, John Lennon said "The Beatles are more popular than Christ")

Mobile phone sales worldwide, one more increase in economic recession - Gartner investigation - ITmedia News(Mobile, the leader by manufacturer is Nokia)

20% purchase keyboard of home desktop PC, purchase price range is "about 1,000 yen or more and less than 3,000 yen" about 40% - japan.internet.com Daily research(Hardware, 72.14% use attached keyboard)

Germany, Santa Claus lacking male human resources to serve | Global speech | Reuters(Work, hourly wage is about 7500 yen at maximum)

NEC to build a new office building with half of CO2 - ITmedia Enterprise(Aim for CO2 halving in notes, paperlessization and video conference etc)

Genuine looks like "pseudo personal information" free of charge - ITmedia News(Note, up to 3000 downloads are available for non-commercial purposes only)

Today's one-item calligraphy claw, honey with a pencil. Mitsubishi Pencil "Brush Pencil"(Memo, 10 B pencils written like a letter written with a brush)

Car Navi abandoning around the destination | Excite News(Sometimes it takes time to reach an abandoned car in a remote area)

No driver required, VW autonomous vehicle "Junior": Test Drive Report | WIRED VISION(Automobiles that comply with cars, traffic signs and red lights)

The 59th back red and white singing fight(Memo, member of "Koharu White singing game" is also decided)

Variety Japan | "Twilight" Led by the national hit of the United States for women's movies(Movie, vampire movie but main is love story)

Domestic cumulative sales of Wii exceeded 7 million units - Famitsu.com(Game, sales volume exceeded 7 million units in about 2 years)

Xbox 360 surpasses 25 million units, fulfilling the first Xbox 360 - iNSIDE(Game reached in 3 years where the original Xbox took 5 years)

German people watching Japanese videos "Japanese are really strange" - Ameba News [Ameba news](Promotion movie of "Resistance 2" in which game, enemy character wraps)

78 years old, I tried talking to the active FPS player 'Kitajima-san'. | DHARMA POINT(Game, gamers who began FPS since age 65)

【2ch】 Nikko Thread Guide: Saturn School and Prestoist Conflict(Game, NINTENDO 64 was a minor)

Ed Harumi appeared in anime "Yatterman" Huge robotization also "Goo" "Ko" reproduction (Eito Web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Animation, appeared on December 8 broadcast "Battle Battle Ed Harumi Edo at Goo's Colon!")

Did you hear that there is a last name that starts with · · ·: Alfalfa mosaic(Note, not only one)

Culture / Cartoon character, "Makeover" to art interior: FujiSankei Business i./Bloomberg GLOBAL FINANCE(Memo, high-priced character products for adults)

"KAMEN RIDER DRAGON KNIGHT" Official trailer(Movie, overseas remake of "Kamen Rider Ryuki")

What day is it today? Moe days! : Qing Dynasty in this work Kimari!? Next big animation of Moe light novel work to be animated - ITmedia + D Games(Note, now any manga or novel can be animated)

Business Media Makoto: Coffee residue as a raw material for Cairo - Japan Coca-Cola and Hakumoto(Memo, is the limited coffee grounds "Georgia"?)

Will you accompany a toilet? "Mobile phones" 60 - half - bringing in "pets" and "drinks" - Eye Share research(Note, 59.1% entering by hand)

【What is popular in recent times】 Recovery of fatigue with intravenous drip diagnosis (1/3 page) - MSN Sankei News(Drip service from 2000 yen for health, garlic injection etc.)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: I got influenza(It takes considerable time to recover even if you use health, medicine)

What you are doing from now to prepare for major illnesses - goo ranking(Health, I do not know when the disease will develop)

Adult magic (Troll portal site) is better not to drop more than two drops(Health, it seems that one drop has sufficient effect)

Comprehensive / Consumption Except for "Inner meals", severe winter super, find out how to eat out - FujiSankei Business i./Bloomberg GLOBAL FINANCE(Food and consumption tendency of consumers are increasing)

Business Media Makoto: Abolish take-away plastic bags at about 3700 stores nationwide - McDonald's Japan(Environment, paper bags are also changed to unbleached ones)

McDonald's flagship "1 dollar" burger, raised price with raw material price | spillover of the world | Reuters(Food, double cheeseburger was US $ 1 in the USA)

Yoshinoya 3 beef bowl and 1 meal free sale (Society) - Sponichi Annex news(Food, 285 yen per meal)

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