First in world history, the number of Muslims exceeds Catholic

According to Kyodo News Agency report, it is the largest Christian Christianity, centered on the Vatican 's PopeCatholicIt is said that the number of Muslims exceeds the number of Catholic factions.

Details are as below.
Number of teachers exceeds Catholic

According to this article, senior officials in the Vatican City, the Catholic principal mountain, said that the number of Muslims in the world exceeded the number of Catholics for the first time in history.

This is because Muslims' birthrate is higher than Christians, with Muslims as of 2006 being 19.2% of the world population, while Catholics were 17.4%.

In addition, since Christians, including Protestant, Eastern Orthodox Church and British Church, occupy about 33%, it is said that Christians are still more popular as a whole. In other words, it seems that one out of every five people in the world is a Muslim, and one in three people is a Christian.

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