A cathedral spreading over 800 innocent bones

In Italy there is a cathedral with a wall with 800 skulls spread.

The image which makes "life" in the center of the shrine image and the head bones which make image of "death" are very contrasting, I feel a little mysterious thing.

Details are from the following.
The Skull Cathedral of Otranto: Where the Bones of 800 Martyrs Adorn the Walls

This is the Cathedral where 800 heads of skulls were spread.

In contrast to 'born' of newly born children and 'death' of raccoons.

This is inside the Otranto Cathedral in Puglia, Italy. In 1480 between Italy (Kingdom of Naples, Kingdom of Aragon, Kingdom of Hungary) and the Ottoman EmpireBattle of OtrantoAnd the captured men were enslaved. At that time, 800 citizens who refused to convert to Muslims were beheaded, but their headbone was embedded in the cathedral, in order to convey this sacrifice to future generations.

By the way, where Otranto Cathedral is located is like this.

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