What was written about the new Dead Sea Scrolls being excavated from the 'Cave of Horrors' for the first time in 65 years?

The Dead Sea Scrolls , written in Hebrew about 2000 years ago, is the world's oldest manuscript of the Old Testament , a scripture of Christianity and Judaism, and is the prototype of the modern Bible. The Israel Antiquities Authority has announced that such a Dead Sea Scrolls have been excavated from a 'cave of horror' in the Jewish desert of Israel for the first time in 65 years.

Israeli experts announce discovery of more Dead Sea scrolls

Biblical scroll discovered in'Cave of Horror' in Israel | Live Science

The Israel Antiquities Authority has released a movie of the newly excavated Dead Sea Scrolls and the state of the excavation.

Thrilling finds have been uncovered by the Israel Antiquities Authority in the Judean Desert --YouTube

The new Dead Sea Scrolls have been excavated from a cave on the quay of the Judaean Desert on the west coast of the Dead Sea. The existence of the cave itself has been known since the 1960s, and it was called the 'cave of horror' because of the scattered human bones inside. Many of the human bones scattered in the 'Cave of Terror' are believed to be the victims of the 'Bar Kokhba Revolt', a Jewish rebellion against the Roman Empire.

To get inside the cave, you have to climb a steep cliff while being caught by a rope.

State of excavation work performed inside

This is the Dead Sea Scrolls excavated this time. The contents of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which appear to have been written about 1900 years ago, are part of

the Twelve Minor Prophecies of the Old Testament, at Zechariah 8: 16-17, 'This is what you have to do. Yes, you must tell the truth to one another, and at your gate you must judge the truth and peace. You shall do in your heart to harm one another. Don't do it. Don't like false vows. The Lord says that I hate these things. '

In addition, a mummy of a child about 6000 years ago was excavated in the cave of horror.

It seems that the mummy still had hair left, and the storage condition is relatively good.

The completely excavated mummy looks like this. As a result of CT scan, a girl aged 6 to 12 years

The oldest basket in the world, estimated to be about 10,500 years old, was also excavated.

The Israel Antiquities Authority suspects that the dry climate of the desert preserved mummies and baskets.

The staff with the lifeline will carry out the excavated items while slowly and carefully advancing along the cliff.

'The newly discovered scroll fragment is in the process of being restored. Research resources will be allocated to complete this historically significant task,' said Israel Hasson, director of the Israel Antiquities Authority. We must ensure that all materials that have not yet been found in the cave are recovered before the tomb thieves can find them. '

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