You can find a woman living with a white body dead body or a corpse dead body

I found a woman who lived with a bones that had become white bones in Chicago and a corrupted body. The bodies are considered to be brothers of this woman in total, and it seems that it was quite long ago that he died, but I do not yet know the reasons why women have not notified me so far.

Details are as below.
U.S. woman found living with three dead siblings - Yahoo! News

Two female and already white bones were found in the outskirts of Chicago, and one dead body was torn very badly. The dead bodies are located in separate places in the house, and it seems that the sheets were hung. According to the authorities' investigation, these bodies are seen as brothers of women, the last person who saw the brothers in the 1980s, the second in 2003, the third in May this year It is thought that it died soon after the figure disappeared.

Women who are already over the age of 90 are cooperating in the investigation and they are now deposited in a facility for nursing care. The investigation seems to have warned that care workers might be in such a situation.

I am concerned about circumstances as to whether there was no money for a funeral or did not think that he died.

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