On the day of the wedding, it was discovered that the bride was the real daughter who had separated from the groom's mother, and the mother and daughter reunited for the first time in 20 years. What is the whereabouts of the bride and groom's marriage?

At a wedding held in Jiangsu Province, China on March 31, 2021, the bride who married the groom was 'actually the real daughter who died from the groom's mother more than 20 years ago.' It is reported that a drama-like event has occurred that reveals.

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The Oriental Daily News in Hong Kong said on April 5, 2021, 'The bride has been missing for many years after a woman who recently attended her son's wedding in Jiangsu Province, China, found a bruise in the bride's hand. I found out that he was the real daughter who was there. '

At a couple's wedding on March 31, the groom's mother realized that the bruise in the bride's woman's hand looked exactly like the bruise of her daughter, who had disappeared more than 20 years ago. He asked the bride's parents, 'Isn't your daughter adopted?'

The bride and her parents were astonished to hear this question. Because the bride's parents didn't tell anyone about it, even the bride herself didn't know that she had no blood connection with her parents. In response to a question from the groom's mother, the bride's parents confessed, 'Actually, my daughter is a child I found by the side of the road. Since then, I have been petting like a real daughter for 20 years.' It turns out that the mother and the bride are biological parents and children.

The groom's mother and bride, who turned out to be real parents, hugged each other in tears and rejoiced at the reunion. In addition, the bride said that she was 'more happy than the marriage itself' that she met her real mother.

The fact that the groom's mother and the bride were real parents and children means that the groom and the bride are also connected with blood, so it is usually not possible to get married. However, when the groom's mother revealed that 'the son is a child who was adopted after searching for a daughter for many years,' it became clear that there was no blood connection between the two. The wedding of the two was held safely, and the attendees who attended the ceremony celebrated two memorable events: 'reunion of the real mother and daughter' and 'marriage of the bride and groom.'

Chinese news media Sina Net pointed out that it was the traffickers who tore the mother and daughter. It is also unknown how the groom left his real parents.

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