A girl with seven children at the age of 17

Even in Japan, I hear stories that high school students and junior high school students become mothers, but it seems that there are girls in Argentina who are 17 years old and have 7 children. Looking at the age and the number of children, it seems that it is not possible to calculate which age was the first child at age, but I wonder why seven children were made.

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Argentine girl, 17, has 7 children

17 year old girl has 7 kids - Interesting: Photos, videos and fun

A young girl living in the town of Leone in Argentina / Cordoba has bred a total of seven children, one boy and six girls. The girl gave birth to the eldest son for the first time at the age of 14 and then gave birth to a girl's triplet at the age of 15, and this year she gave birth to a third girl of girls. In addition, the girl seems to have experience of miscarriage.

Girls and children. This picture was taken on a girl's 17th birthday

Because the girl has no job and her husband has abandoned girls and children, the girl's mother said it was negative for children to increase for economic reasons. It seems that she thought that she thought that if she knew that a triplet was born despite her receiving a contraceptive injection by a girl, she thought she would die if she could not live. Currently only mothers support the girls economically, but still seems to be living with their families.

This is the eldest daughter, second daughter and three girls triplets

This is a triple of four, five, six girls

She seems to ask the doctor to tie down the fallopian tube so that the child can not do any more, but he is being refused because Argentinean law prohibits minors from tying the fallopian tube is.

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