Male who became father in the world's oldest age

Two weeks ago, a daughter was born to 90-year-old Namu Ram Jogi who lives in India. This seems that Mr. Jogi became the oldest female in the world.

Details are as follows.
World's oldest father has 21st child at 90 | the Daily Mail

Nanu Ram Jogi who runs a farm in India is 90 years old. It seems that there are four wives and they do not know how many children are, but it seems that there are at least 12 sons, 9 daughters and 20 grandchildren. The eldest daughter Sita Devi was born in 1943, only a couple of weeks ago a ninth daughter, Girija Rajkumari was born. With this, it seems that Mr. Jogi became a man who became the father of the oldest in the world.

Jogi 's newest wife, Saburi, seems to have married Jogi' s eldest son Shiv Lal, but Lal says he died ten years ago. "At first I did not want to remain here after my husband died, but Nanu promised to take care of me, now I have seven children," Saburi says.

According to Jogi, "I will be able to live in the next couple of thirty years, I want children until I become 100. I will definitely stop making children when I turn 100." Surrounded by many children and grandchildren Because I am young, I can stay forever. "

Perhaps Jogi himself may rewrite the record several years later.

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