10 things to be done when 30 years old to spend the future happy

ByAlba Soler

Being 30 years old in a long life is caught as one of the milestones of life, I feel like I climb one big staircase by one as soon as I am 30 years old and start climbing a new staircase Yes. Mark Manson, an entrepreneur who celebrated his 30th birthday a couple of weeks ago and has been successful as a blogger, told his official blog reader, "What does it mean to make life beyond the age of 30 meaningful? Should I do it? ", And 10 answers that were numerous were published from among them.

10 Life Lessons to Excel In Your 30s

◆ 01: Start saving for retirement age

ByTristan Martin

Most of the answers to the questionnaires were written that "we should start thinking about money firmly and planned savings from age 30". We have to start thinking about not only savings but also "insurance" which I ignored in my 20s. It is good to repay the accumulated debts as soon as possible. After 30 years old, money, accident, divorce, failure of business, etc. are often required suddenly, and you should also prepare for such a situation firmly. It is better to organize a mortgage without a budget or to stop handling trading stocks though it is not understood.

Some of the respondents raised two children and saved them little by little from the age of 30 even when the annual income is low, so now it is now a single mother who is economically stable even when he turned 50 did. According to Manson, savings are possible even if there is not much annual income, and it is only whether the problem is done or not done.

◆ 02: Starting life considering health

ByThomas Hawk

A 55-year-old man got a response saying that "health changes are very fast but it is very difficult to notice the change." The answer to health was one of the answers which was very much like savings. The human body does not break suddenly one day, but it is very difficult to notice it, as it is crumbling every day with problems accumulating little by little every day. Among the respondents, those who overcame diseases such as cancer, heart attacks, stroke, etc, said, "If I can return to the past, I want to take a healthy meal and do exercise everyday I always knew that it was necessary, I did not execute it with "attached", and I am receiving answers that regret past lifestyle.

◆ 03: Cutting out human relationships that give bad influence

ByEd Yourdon

Next to savings and health, the most responses were that they would not go out with friends who would adversely affect 30 years old. Many respondents answered, "People who can not enhance each other's value will suck up your value" "Do not accept bad friends for whatever reason." To become gentle, it is also necessary to become strict at times, and 30 is a good opportunity to look back on human relationships up to now.

◆ 04: Do not bad relations with reliable friends and family

ByMarwa Morgan

Contrary to the above contents, it is better to take care of the relationship with friends and families who will enhance themselves, and to cherish the time spent together. Those who answered "cherish friends and family" said that "friends and families are precious accidents and illnesses because of accidents and diseases, they do not know when they will be out of their own time", and they are 30 and 40 years old There seems to be something that could not have been predicted so far. I can recover lost money and work, but I can not recover the time.

◆ 05: I will give up on getting everything

ByRyan Ritchie

There were lots of things I want to do when I was 10 or 20, and I was full of dreams and hopes. However, it is up to the age of 20 that I can challenge various things. It seems better to narrow down what you want to do to one or two when you turn 30. Most people know what they are good or bad at by the age of 30, so the age of 30 is just right to narrow down what you want to do.

◆ 06: To make a risk for change

ByRhys A.

The last opportunity to change your career and life for 10 years from 30 to 40 years old. Most of the respondents who changed jobs in their 30s age realized that the decision to change jobs was right after becoming 40 or 50 years old. If you are not satisfied with the work or life you've done in your 20s, you may be able to change your age at the age of 30. To do that, it is important to execute your own decision without fear of risk.

◆ 07: Keep growing


Most people stop studying in their twenties. It is a big reason that there are too many things to do except studying at the age of 30, so that the hand does not turn to that extent. If you keep doing it from 30 years old to studying for qualification and learning things such as lessons, you can realize that you are making a big difference to others when you are 40 years old.

◆ 08: Nobody does not understand what is going on


Life is an unpredictable thing and it never hits the forecast for five years ahead. "What I believe is the most important now will not be important after 10 years, this is a testimony that you are growing up," said a 57-year-old man. As the future will always change, "what will happen" and "what is going on right now" is just a waste of thought.

◆ 09: Invest in family

ByThomas Hawk

The relationship between my child and my family since I was 30 years old is quite different. When I am 30 years old, my parents' age is not young and I should start thinking about how to face the family in the future. Even at the age of 30, it is better to settle as soon as possible those who have problems with their families.

Also, it seems that it begins to think about children as often as 30 years old. Until the child is born, I can not understand why I feel like being a parent. A 38 - year - old man who is currently taking childcare "is a wonderful child, parents can overcome any difficulties for their children if they make their families happy, having a child at the age of 30, I think that you can think seriously, I will never regret. "I am talking about the merits of nurturing children. According to a 44 - year - old woman, even if he is dissatisfied with his married life, he can say that everything will start to turn into a good direction when children can do it.

A 38-year-old single woman says, "I want to advise myself in the past" Do not look for only good men, love yourself at that time, take care of those who cherish. "Currently, However, it seems that it is too late, "he replies to repent past actions.

ByAlba Soler

While some people said that marriage and having children changed the way of life, on the other hand, "it is wrong to lose pressure to lose pressure to lay or give birth to children, although they do not want to." Many people are happy I do not necessarily apply to myself, I am single, I choose a life without children, I am very happy right now, "even if I do not get married, even if I do not have a child, my life is happy Because some people feel that, it is not possible to say that marriage is definitely correct.

◆ 10: I am kind and respectful to my self

BySarah C

Most answers included "treat yourself kindly". Best selling title that Richard Carlson wrote "Do not sweat the small stuff; and it's almost all small stuff.(Do not worry about being small! - Sorry, everything is small) "As you can see, if you face problems, if you are not going to be a big problem in a few years, you should ignore your own path. "When I turned 40, my father asked me" I knew what was going on in the twenties, and in the 30's I realized that I was not sure what was going on. And since I do not know what is going on in the 40s, I relaxed and accepted everything, so it was fun for the 40s. "Now that I am 58 years old, my father I understand that I was saying the right thing "The answer that remained in Manson's heart is that.

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